birth flower edition

As soon as the concept photos for BE dropped, I sort of wanted to capture a BE and BTS birth flower inspired artwork, combining the members' curated rooms along with their Korean birth flowers.
Along the process however, I realised how each flower's meaning was very much visible in their rooms; and it led to a deeper understanding of the members' individuality.

Kim Nam-Joon

¦ Clematis ¦


noun - beauty of ingenuity; mind's beauty

Kim Seok-Jin

¦ Rumex ¦


noun -  affection; tenderness; humorous wit

Min Yoon-gi

¦ Larch ¦


noun - self confidence; boldness; stability

Jung Ho-seok

¦ Buttercup ¦


noun - innocence; youth; charm; humility

Park Ji-min

¦ Spirea; Bridal Wreath ¦


noun - grace; elegance; immaculate love

Kim Tae-hyung

¦ Wintersweet ¦


noun - faithfulness; perseverance; self love

Jeon Jung-Kook

¦ Tiger-lily ¦

/ˈtʌɪɡə - ˈlɪli/

noun - confidence; pride; wealth

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